Life is running at the speed of light and we’re just struggling to keep pace with it every minute. Look back at our ancestors – how they used to be so fit and healthy. Not so long ago, our own parents could walk miles to go to school or cycle kilometers away to work.

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Switch to the current era where we find it hard to even walk down a few flights of steps to reach the car to get to work! What has changed? The simple answer is we aren’t so healthy and fit anymore – sad but true.

There’s not much reason for worry though because all is not lost yet. Thanks to the growing awareness about the multiple benefits of staying healthy, the goal is still achievable. Let’s see how we can get there.

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Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy, Fit and Happy

  1. Trim your diet portion by at least 20%

Ok, so we aren’t asking you to diet here but simply reducing how much you eat will make a huge difference to your overall fitness. The problem is that we’re eating more than what our body needs. Time to change old habits – take food in a small plate or bowl, avoid taking a second serving, and always eat protein as a side dish; not the main meal. Eat more of veggies as mains.

  • Exercise; not sometimes but daily

The importance of exercise has been drilled into our heads ever since kindergarten. But how much do we really remember and follow in our constant-running lives? Time to break the pattern and consciously set aside a definite amount of time to shake up our bodies! Start with 10-15 minutes and gradually increase to at least an hour. Choose what you like – walking, jogging, biking, or simply taking the steps.

  • Meditate; it’s not just for saints

True that! This ancient therapy has found considerable appreciation in modern science for its life-changing benefits – relief from stress and anxiety, positive thinking, improved relationships – all of which point to a healthy mind. Learn from an experienced practitioner, if possible, and then set your own routine.

  • Rest more; you deserve it

You work hard; you run around the whole day – that’s more than enough. You need to stop (preferably at night) and take a good 8 hours of sound sleep to recharge your batteries for the next day. Don’t run too much that the machinery becomes overused and stops working someday!

  • Smile more; it’s tax-free

Do you know that a baby smiles 400 times a day, an adolescent 17 times, and an adult hardly smiles at all? The joy factor in our lives has been clouded by stress, hatred, jealousy, and sorrow. Time to restore it. Listen to music (it’s an instant mood elevator), get occasional massages, and spend more time around people who make you laugh.


It’s not impossible to stay happy but yes it’d need a conscious effort in the beginning. The road would automatically lead you to good health.



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