Today’s tune is how to copy text from a picture. We who run Facebook page or Facebook ID while scrolling the newsfeed in front of our eyes sometimes see some pictures in front of our eyes which we want to publish on our own ID or page but the problem is that most of the pictures are given credit, we Bengalis have to give this credit. There are very few people who like it, so instead of editing the picture, you can directly copy the text and paste it to your account, it’s very easy, isn’t it?

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Bloggers have to write a lot, it goes without saying that article is king, which means that the article is of the best quality, the article will be ranked number one in the desired keyword, and if it is ranked number one in a few keywords with good search volume and good CPC, it will get millions of organic visitors per month. It is possible and at the end of the month Google Adsense, Ezoic, Adstera, A-Ads etc. no matter which ad network you use, you will get a good amount of money sitting at home, Inshallah.

Earning net money in reality is not so sweet as it is easy to say or hear about income from home. However, what I mean is that we have to write a lot of posts, we also do a lot of research and then, out of 30 articles, we luckily rank 1-3, get inside the fast page of search results, and then get some visitors.

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So the thing is, many times we read other blogs and copy some things from the desired websites, such as: think today I will write about Surah Fatihar Bangla pronunciation and meaning of this keyword, now the main topic of this keyword will be the same for everyone, so I will not slowly by myself. I can copy Surah Fatihar Bengali pronunciation and its meaning by writing; But it can be seen that whenever you or I go to copy, we will see that it is not being copied, which means that the right click has been disabled by coding. Nowadays almost 80% of websites disable right click by using javascript, you can use screenshot to copy text from those websites.

You can take a photo with text in any language in your textbook or anything and copy its text. Inshallah, you will need an app to complete the task. Its name is: Text Scanner Pro.

To use it, you can copy the texts by scanning any picture by turning on the network connection, there is nothing to be afraid of, it does not burn much data. I will give the app at the end of the post and you can download it for free (unfortunately my app is not the premium version, I downloaded the move version from the net). Premium version can be purchased from playstore and used.

The app is very easy to use, first open it, then click on the picture icon if the picture is on the phone, then select your picture and upload it, then a page like a text editor will open, copy the entire text from there. And you have to click on the camera icon to take it with the camera and scan directly.


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