We all love sports. Some like cricket and some like football. Basically, playing is an emotional thing for us. Which everyone likes. We support our favorite team while playing. Let that team be the champion.

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We fans of the game are most happy when they win, but do we ever try to know how much prize money our favorite team got after winning?

Many people want to know this matter, so today I will tell you about the prize money of the upcoming Qatar Football World Cup.

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We know that every 4 years FIFA football world cup is held. Teams from the best 32 countries in the world participate here.

Basically, the frenzy of the fans is more noticeable with the Argentina and Brazil teams, Bangladesh is no exception.

This time the football world cup is being held in Qatar. We know that Qatar is a country of rich people, so the World Cup is being held in Qatar with a lot of fanfare.

This time the total prize money of FIFA Football World Cup is 4 thousand 200 crores.

So let’s know about prize money.

The teams that go to the group stage will get 16 prizes. And they will be paid 144 million dollars. Each team will receive $9 million.

Which, if converted to Bangladeshi Taka, stands at 91 crores 95 lakhs 1 thousand 200 Takas (9 million dollars).

8 prizes will be awarded to the teams that will advance to the 2nd round.
This time the amount of money will be a little more. Each team will receive $13 million. All teams will get $104 million.

If this is converted into Bangladeshi Taka then each team will get 132 Crore 81 Lakh 68 Thousand 400 Taka.

4 teams went to the quarter finals of the World Cup. The 4 teams that go will get 17 million dollars each. The entire team will receive $68 million.

Each team will get 173 crore 68 lakh 35 thousand 600 Taka in Bangladeshi Taka.

The fourth place team will get $25 million. If you convert it, it stands at 255 crore 41 lakh 70 thousand taka.

The 3rd place team will receive $27 million. Which is 275 crore, 85 lakh 3 thousand 600 Taka in Bangladeshi Taka.

The runner-up team will receive $30 million. Which is converted into Bangladeshi Taka 306 Crore 50 Lakh 4 thousand Taka.

And at the end, the team that goes to the final round means the champion team will get 42 million dollars.

Which in Bangladesh Taka will be 429 crore 10 lakh 5 thousand 600 Taka.

Basically these are the prize money of Qatar World Cup. Apart from this, the winning team will get $42 million along with a 6.5 kg pure gold trophy.

This World Cup is basically a game of passion, love, respect and money.
But don’t forget to tell which team you prefer in the World Cup.


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