Microsoft Excel is a widely popular program for doing calculations on a computer. It is a spreadsheet program. The company that developed the Windows operating system that we use i.e. Microsoft Corporation is the company that originally developed it. Through which very difficult and large types of data or information can be easily calculated in moments. And this program is basically my topic today. As this program has many types of functions and tasks. So I will be posting or discussing this in series form of episodes. Today is our very first topic on Excel. We will know its identity today.

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Introduction to Microsoft Excel:

We first said that Excel is a spreadsheet program that is arranged in a cell (Cell) or cell grid, row (Row) or row and column (Column). These cells are used to enter, store and manipulate data. The Excel spreadsheet program is a part of the Microsoft Office package. The current version of Microsoft Office is 2021. We all know that the other programs inside the Microsoft Office package are Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote, MS Publisher, MS Project and MS VCO. And one of them is the Excel program of our today’s topic.

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With Excel spreadsheets, you can do simple to complex tasks in accounting. Although Excel is the leading program in the world, most of its users have very limited knowledge of the various functions of Excel. A survey found that 70% of Excel users use or know only 5% of Excel’s functions. In other words, Excel can be used for almost every organizational task. Some of the uses or functions of Excel are highlighted below.

  • Create, edit, summarize, analyze, summarize and format data.
  • Engineering and Construction.
  • Science
  • Complex mathematical and statistical calculations.
  • Complex data analysis.
  • Budget.
  • Accounting and Payroll.
  • Investments and shares.
  • Sales and Marketing.
  • Production planning, material management and inventory.
  • Creating graphs and charts using complex data.
  • Automating Tasks Using Macros

A variety of complex accounting tasks such as those mentioned above can be easily done through Excel. So we will gradually learn the details about the use and working of Excel through one topic after another in the form of episodes. Today I just learned the introduction of Excel. So everyone wait for the second episode.


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