Today I have come up with a very useful trick for you. Hopefully you can guess what I am going to talk about today by looking at the title. There are many who are looking for a free and secure e-mail service! This article of mine today is mainly for them. ProtonMail is a popular e-mail service nowadays. Its web version is free and open to all. Its app is open only for Android and iOS operating systems. You don’t need to add any card or payment method to use the free version of this e-mail service. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of this e-mail service are given below.

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1. End to End and Zero Access Encryption
2. Operated under Swiss law
3. All data is stored on servers in Switzerland
4. Supports custom domains
5. Contacts and emails can be imported from other mails
6. Password protected mail can be sent to non-proton users
7. Self destruction timer can be set on outgoing emails

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1. All features are not available without premium subscription
2. A certain number of mails can be sent daily in the free package
3. A maximum of 1 GB of storage is available for free


Despite all these problems, the biggest reason to use this mail service is that it is the most secure mail service available today. So without further ado let’s begin:


1. Visit the link below.


2. Click on the “ Get Proton for free ” link.



3. Follow the steps below to fill up the following boxes.

  • Enter a unique username in the Username field.
  • Be sure to use symbols and numbers with passwords.



4. Click on ” Get verification code ” button with your mobile number or email for verification.



5. Type the 6 digit OTP received on your mobile or email and click on the “ Verify ” button.



6. Preparing your email. Wait a while.



7. Type the name you want to appear in your email and click on the “ Next ” button.



8. If you want to update your recovery info, enter your mobile number and email and click on the “ Save selected ” button. If you don’t want to, click on the ” Maybe later ” link.



9. If you skip the above option, click on “ Confirm ” button.



10. Wait a while.



11. Your mail is ready. Click on “ Next ” button.



12. Click on “ Next ” button again .



13. Now click on “ Get started ” button.



14. Skip such offers in fact by clicking on the cross (X).



15. Your ProtonMail service is ready.




*** Click the plus button to open a new folder. Then enter the folder name and click on “Save” button to save.




**** Click the plus button to open a new label. Then write the name of the label and then select the color and click the “ Save ” button to save.




*** How to send encrypted mail?

1. First, click on the three-dot button.

2. Then enter password and password hint and click on “ Set encryption ” button. Only then will your mail be encrypted.




*** How to send self-destructed mail?

1. First, click on the three-dot button.

2. Then click on the link written “ Expiration time ”.

3. Now select how long and after how many hours the mail will be distracted.

4. Then click on “ Set ” button.

5. Now send the mail.



Meita will automatically delete itself after the time you set the distraction time. However, this feature is only available from ProtonMail to ProtonMail, meaning the person you send to must also be ProtonMail.


*** Storage how to get 1 GB?

To get 1 GB storage you have to fulfill 4 tasks:

1. Contacts must be imported.

2. A mail should be sent [to anyone].

3. Add recovery method.

4. You have to download the mobile app and login your mail to it.




*** How to import contacts, calendar and mail?

1. Click on “ Settings ” > “ Go to Settings ”.

2. Click on “ Import via Easy Switch ” button.

3. Select which service to import from.



4. Remove the tickmark if you don’t want to import any. Now click on “ Next ” button.



5. Click on “ Continue ” button.



6. Select which mail to import from.



7. Click on the “ Continue ” button with a tick mark on the options that are not ticked .



8. Wait a while.



9. Now click on “ Start import ” button.



10. Data import started.



11. Now click on ” Close ” button.



12. Wait for a while, all the data will be imported.




*** How to set the recovery method?
1. Enter “ Settings ” > “ Go to Settings ” option.
2. Click on “ Recovery ” option.
3. Enter your email in “ Recovery email address ” and click Save button.
4. Enter the password and click on the “ Authenticate ” button.
5. Now click on “ Verify now ” link.
6. Click on “ Verify with email ” button.
7. An email has been sent to your email, verify the email by clicking on the link written ” Verify email “.
8. Verify the mobile number accordingly.



If there is any difficulty in understanding anything or there is any problem then comment below. I will try my best to solve your problem.


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