Better fitness, improved immunity, and weight loss – we’ve all been hearing about these benefits from yoga ever since it picked up rapid and immense popularity in recent times. In fact, lots of people now prefer yoga over gym workout, or like to combine both for a “total effect”.

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But have you heard yoga improving symptoms of life-threatening diseases or curing what was unheard of earlier? This is why yoga is seen as a mystery bag full of surprises (often pleasant ones).

10 Health Benefits of Yoga You May Haven’t Heard Of

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#1: Have a healthy heart, longer!

Our modern lifestyle has brought heart problems to almost every household today, and in all ages too. Introducing a few minutes of yoga every day helps improve overall wellbeing and this is what contributes to keeping stress at bay from affecting the heart and nervous system.

#2: Sleep better

Of course, any form of exercise here would do the trick but did you know that practicing a few minutes of yoga sitting or spending a little while in meditation before hitting the bed at night can help improve the quality of your sleep? Experience it for yourself.

#3: Come out of your hangover easy

Sounds strange asking someone to wake up and start exercising after a round of heavy drinks the night before. But the Yoga Journal states that yoga is what can help accelerate the process of your body processing the alcohol, facilitate liver cleansing, and even relieve from stiff neck pain from sleeping in awkward posture while drunk.

#4: Sharpen your memory

Trouble remembering things from just a day ago? Practice yoga and meditation for just 3 months and see your memory sharpen like the edge of a knife. It can even improve symptoms of memory disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

#5: Keep your joints strong and running

A common complaint, particularly among ageing women, yoga has actually helped rebuild joint strength, flexibility, and balance in arthritis patients.

#6: Counter medicinal side effects

Yoga has proven efficacy in easing out side effects in cancer patients treated with intense chemotherapy – making patients feel stronger, healthier, and peaceful.

#7: Get rid of asthma

Yoga is all about breathing right from the beginning through the very end of every pose in the practice. This is how it can help release constricted airways in the lungs, helping reduce symptoms in asthmatic patients.

#8: Say goodbye to painful migraines

A few minutes of yoga can help relieve terrible and intolerable headaches during migraine attacks. Before you know it, you may stop getting one altogether!

#9: Enhance your fertility

Yoga can help a woman with pelvis alignment, regularising blood flow, and relaxation, all of which contribute to increasing chances of motherhood sooner.

#10: Improve your relationships

When you’re free of stress from your yoga routine, you’d be happy to meet everyone with a smile and make lasting friends.

With benefits galore, a few minutes of yoga wouldn’t do any harm – try it today for a longer, healthier and happier life.



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