Shedding off those extra layers of fat on your body is that dream which seems to be impossible to achieve. On the contrary, it is indeed attainable and without the need for excessively arduous efforts too.

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While physical activity such as exercise still seems manageable, it’s highly difficult to cut down on your favorite activity – eating. Dieting is not everyone’s cup of tea but the good news is that you can actually lose weight without the need to diet! Let’s see how.

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

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When we think of losing weight, dieting inevitably comes to mind as the very first idea. But the fact is dieting isn’t just difficult; it’s not always healthy too (especially if done without expert guidance/supervision). So here we tell you better and equally effective alternatives to dieting for losing weight fast and for sure:

  1. Never skip your breakfast – It is common knowledge by now that breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. Yet, most of us tend to skip it, thanks to our fast-paced lives that don’t even allow us to stop and eat in peace. It’s surely time to change the trend. Eat your breakfast every single day.

And if you think, skipping it would help you cut calories, you couldn’t be more wrong. Research proves that those who eat breakfast have lower BMIs than those who don’t. And yes, keep it nutritious too.

  • No night entry to the kitchen (including yourself) – It’s really tempting to sneak into the kitchen to grab a snack or two while watching a late-night movie or even sipping some tea/coffee working at nights.

Eat whatever you like but then set a time for yourself until when you’d eat and then close the kitchen for the night. No late-night munchies, no snacking. Best practice would be to brush your teeth after dinner so that’d at least be a reminder to not eat anything.

  • Add more steps to your routine – Technology has made us so comfortable (read lazy) that we’ve forgotten how our elders used to stay healthy back in the day? They’d eat all they wanted and still stay fit. How? Because they had no other means to resort to except physical activity. They walked miles to reach to work, they cycled, they took the steps.

And now with elevators and escalators doing the job, it’s goodbye to good health. Bring back the steps in your life. Make small, conscious efforts to walk or climb the stairs, wherever possible.

  • Reduce your portions – So we say no dieting but that shouldn’t translate to mean no watching your diet. Eat healthily, eat a balanced, full meal, but maybe trim down the portions a bit by say 10-20% of how much you generally take. You’d note the difference soon.

Losing weight can’t be impossible with so many around us having achieved it already. Be inspired, watch your diet, and don’t quit on exercise(even if you can’t stay up to it every day).



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