Read this post to know in detail and download which software you need to use for writing. I have told all the software or apps that I use in my own blogging in this post.

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I am starting in the name of Almighty Allah. Assalamu Alaikum I hope you are well by the grace of Allah. Alhamdulillah I am fine too. Today I sat down to write a new article, hopefully the article will be useful to you.

I will share with you all the way I write and the software I use. So hopefully read the post carefully from beginning to end.

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You will need 5 software for writing, their names and download links are given below:

১। Countable Pad (Download play store Link)

২। Floating Notes (Download play store Link)

৩। Logopit Plus (Download play store Link)

৪। Picsay pro (Download play store Link)

৫। Mozilla Firefox (Download play store Link)

1. Countable Pad:

I am writing the text I am writing now in this notepad. The first thing you will need for writing is a notepad app or software, now it can be any notepad apps but we all want to use the best one right? The Countable Pad has some special features that I like the most: as soon as an article is written, it automatically shows how many words have been written and how many sentences and how many characters have been written. And by copying a text, we can see how many words we need here.

When I write about a topic, if the title of that topic is more than 120 characters, it is difficult to rank the article and the title is not clear to the visitors, so I can measure the main word by writing it in the title. I can write numbers more than them.

2. Floating Notes

This app helps me a lot to write an article quickly. When I write an info article, I have to copy the main information from different sites, and include them in my post. When I visit different sites, I don’t have to copy the necessary information from there and click on the back button or home button and save the information by entering the notepad software, it is troublesome to save any information again and again, so the Floating Notes software will get rid of this problem.

To use it, if you run the app, it will remain in the notification bar, then a small light icon will be shown when you click on the pen icon, click on it and paste the required information and click on the icon again, the tab will become a small icon. Again, if you visit another website and get the necessary information, click on the icon in the same way, then the tab will be opened, then if you paste and click on the icon again, the icon will be hidden. And lastly you copy the whole and save it in notepad.

Fluting notes app is very necessary for those whose phones have less RAM, because when the internet is running on slow phones or mobiles with low RAM, after going from one tab of the browser to another tab, if you open the first tab again, it will not be seen unless you reload it from the first. You can use this app to get rid of this jamela, hopefully it will be very useful.

3. Logopit Plus:

After writing, you publish the article on the website or wherever you post it on Facebook or Twitter, a beautiful picture is necessary, otherwise your post will not be read by many people and the article will not be ranked in the search engine.

So you need to create a post related beautiful unique picture, Logopit Plus app is very useful for this; I have been using it for 2 years. The older versions of this app are much better than the current version, so if you want to use the current version, if you don’t like it, download the old version from the apk pure site.

4. Picsay pro:

If you create a unique picture with logopit, the size can be about 300 KB plus, the amount of hosting for the site of those who blog is a certain amount, so if you convert the picture to a standard quality of 60-100 KB instead of 300 KB, the hosting will be less used. And the smaller the memory space of the site, the more convenient it is to move, so it is necessary to reduce the size of the picture to upload, and the Picsay app cannot be compared to complete this task.

5. Mozilla Firefox / Mozilla Firefox:

If you are a blogger, and your website is built on Blogger.Com then you need this app.
If you copy and paste the article or text from notepad to create a new post from Chrome or other browsers
, your sentences or paragraphs will not be neatly lined up with empty spaces, which will make it difficult for visitors to read the post, and they will And I don’t have the mindset to read other posts of that blog. Use Mozilla Firefox app to get rid of this scattered or blank problem, and post with it, hopefully you will get rid of all the problems inshallah.


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